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1)1, worked
2, has been
3, have watched
4,haven’t missed
5, did you give
6, came
7, have never met
2)1, accurate
2, disappointing
3, fluency
3)1,I enjoy being alone
2, they’d like to travel abroad next summer
3, what were your last flatmates like?
4,I learnt to play the piano last year
5,France has had a democrate government for a log time
6, can you tell me what this word means?
4)1/how do you communicate?
can you tell me how you communicate?
2,where did they park their car??
Do you know where they parked their car??
3,How long has simon lived in his own flat?
I wonder how long simon has lived in his own flat?
4,what time does the warsaw train arrive?
I’d like to know what time the warsaw train arrives?
5, do you live with your parents?
I wonder if you left with your parents?
6,when are they going away?
could you tell me when they are going away?
5)1, excellent 2, feels3, to
4,challenging5, expected
6, fa7,at
6)What should be, the perfect roommate? Undoubtedly, in order to answer this question you should be this person. What a human should be this person. What really matters to me, is his personality. He should be very responsible and tolerant, he should ban make decisions quickly. Besides, he must be ambitions very intelligent and hard-working. Nay, I would be him be cheerful and fun. What else? I would like to he help me with housework and cooking one of the important thing is that he didn’t behave so noisy at night. The last condition is the fact that I could always count on this help.

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